Vacation Plans :: Virginia Beach: How to Spend a Summer Vacation in a Resort City

Over the past several years, Virginia Beach, Virginia has become a more family-oriented vacation destination. With warm beaches and plentiful sunshine in the summer, there are many warm season activities for fun and relaxation in this Mid-Atlantic coastal city. With Virginia Beach hotels and restaurants providing classic hospitality and good food, visitors spend a lot … Continue reading “Vacation Plans :: Virginia Beach: How to Spend a Summer Vacation in a Resort City”

Over the past several years, Virginia Beach, Virginia has become a more family-oriented vacation destination. With warm beaches and plentiful sunshine in the summer, there are many warm season activities for fun and relaxation in this Mid-Atlantic coastal city. With Virginia Beach hotels and restaurants providing classic hospitality and good food, visitors spend a lot of quality time in this resort area. Here are just a few things to see and do when planning Virginia Beach vacations.

Beach Activities

The most obvious attraction in Virginia Beach is the beach itself. The Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay and their tributaries create miles of beach for sunbathing, wading, swimming, boogie boarding, walking and playing in the sand. Special areas of the oceanfront are set aside for surfing, jet skiing, waterskiing and other water sports and adventures. A three mile boardwalk and bike path stretch from Rudee Inlet north to encourage healthy exercise and sightseeing.

Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay

Fishing, boating and crabbing are popular activities on the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. It is one of the many things that makes Virginia Beach a vacation destination. Surf fishing is allowed in certain areas during set times of day. Virginia Beach has a handful of fishing piers, including Lynnhaven Fishing Pier and one on the boardwalk near 14th Street. Charter sea fishing trips are available out of several marinas, including Rudee Inlet and Lynnhaven Inlet. The State of Virginia requires a fishing license, which can be purchased online from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries or at nearly any bait and tackle shop for a nominal fee.

Pick Your Own

For those who want to do more than spend time on the beach, but still wish to have fun with nature in this vacation destination, there is Pungo. A green zone lies at the south end of the resort city where agriculture is abundant and pick-your-own farms offer fresh produce and hours of fun. Depending on the season and the farm, customers can find strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, squash, watermelon, pumpkins, greens, lettuce and more. Some feature a wagon ride to the best picking fields from the main entrance. For those craving fresh produce without the physical effort, many of these places also offer pre-picked produce, as well as homemade jams and various pickled fruits and vegetables.

Musical Concerts

Music is a focal point of entertainment in Virginia Beach. There is an amphitheater that seats nearly 30,000. During the summertime, there are several festivals and concerts on Virginia Beach boardwalk stages, including the American Music Festival in early September, GospelFest in April, Latin Fest in June and Beach Music Weekend in May.

Vacation Plans :: The Perfect Family Ski Vacation (Page 1 of 2)

In December 2007 our family enjoyed an amazing holiday ski vacation. Christmas morning the kids found out that in addition to the gifts under the tree, Santa had given them a ski adventure trip…and we were leaving that very day! The trip would include an overnight Amtrak train ride on the Empire Builder from Seattle to Whitefish, MT (just over 13 hours) and five days of skiing at the Whitefish Mountain Resort (formerly known as Big Mountain Resort—not to be confused with Big Sky Resort).

The kids were beside themselves!! A train ride; sleeping on the train; going to Montana (home of Hannah Montana they thought); snow; skiing; sledding?they were elated! After the fun of opening gifts and a delicious holiday breakfast we all rushed to pack our bags. Luckily Santa had tipped me off to his plan a few days earlier so I could prepare all of the ski gear. Wink.

We departed Seattle’s King Street Station at about 4:30pm. The ticketing and baggage check-in experience for Amtrak is unbelievably simple and easy. No lines, no security hassles, no problems. You could literally arrive minutes before your train leaves the station.

We reserved a family-sized (sleeps four) room on the sleeping car. A friendly, traditionally dressed conductor came by to smile and punch our tickets. The kids thought he looked like the Tom Hanks character for The Polar Express. And a few minutes later the attendant arrived with champagne for the adults and sparkling cider for the kids.

Seating on the train is vastly superior to airline seating. There is lots of leg room, room for your carry-on baggage, and you can move around as much as you like. You can even stretch out as if you were on your couch at home. After admiring the scenery for several hours and catching up on our reading we proceeded to the dining car (dinner included in the fare for sleeper car customers) where we sat in a large, comfortable booth with a white table cloth and candles. The chef was no Tom Douglas; but, the meal was much better than your typical reheated airline dinner.

When we arrived back at our room on the sleeping car the seats had already been converted into bunk beds for us by the attendant. This was the best part for the kids?sleeping on the train. I didn’t sleep as well as I would have in my own bed or in a hotel room but there is something strangely soothing about the rocking motion of the train and the clickety-clack of the wheels on the track.

The following morning we awoke just in time for a hot breakfast in the dining car before rolling into Whitefish at about 7:30am.

We were met by a shuttle driver who helped with our bags and drove us and several other families the eight miles up the mountain to the Whitefish resort. We checked in at the General Store and got keys to our ski-in/out condo (there are lots of slope-side condos for rent). We were skiing by 10am.

The Whitefish resort is extremely kid friendly. It has one of the best daycare facilities that I have ever seen at a ski resort. Our 2 and a half year old enjoyed the activities and the friendly, caring staff. And our 10 year old daughter felt so safe that a few times she ventured out and took a few runs on her own.

Vacation Plans :: Planning for a Vacation in a Warm Tropical Climate

Many folks love to go sight-seeing and if you have the extra funds, you might opt for a warm tropical holiday overseas. Of course, before you start packing your bags and buying your plane tickets, make sure to plan your tropical excursion thoroughly to avoid any mishaps.

The first thing you need to consider is if there are any health risks at the moment in the country you plan to visit. Some tropical countries are prone to outbreaks of malaria, dengue fever and other tropical related diseases. Be sure to check out the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website for the latest health and travel news. If there are no major outbreaks, you are still advised to take the necessary injections for diseases such a hepatitis and malaria and take vitamin supplements before going on your vacation.

The other matter to think about is the visa requirements to travel to that country from your own. Some countries may restrict travel visa to no more than a month, three months or six months. Others may depend on where you’re from and may only give you one or two weeks of travel visa. You can visit the destination country’s embassy or consulate to find out about the specific visa requirements and other travel matters relating to that country. Once you have all the visa information for your destination, you can start booking your flight tickets and book your accommodations.

As you will be vacationing in a tropical country, you should bring along light cotton clothing like t-shirts, light cotton pants and sarongs. Don’t bring along too many clothes as most of these places sell nice tropical wear, usually far cheaper than most western countries. Rain, especially sudden, heavy rain is common during the monsoon season and even during the warm season so be prepared with an umbrella or two.

Sunblock and sunglasses are essential to protect your skin and eyes from the hot tropical sun. Sunblock with an SPF of at least 30, with UVA and UVB protection should be sufficient. Even if you plan to tan yourself at the beach, do use Sunblock on your face and body as you can get severely sunburned if you aren’t careful. Reapply your Sunblock every two to three hours, or every hour if you’re swimming. Pack along mosquito repellants as insects and bugs thrive in a warm climate.

Make a list of the things you need to do and bring before going off on your vacation. It is also good to read up on the country you’re visiting and the local places of interest you might visit. You can purchase travel books or read online about your destination. Some things to consider are currency used, norms and customs of the locals, mode of transportation commonly used, the local information on the town or city you’re staying in and where your own embassy is located there. Find out more about the accommodation you are staying in through their company’s website or email them for more information on facilities available, nearest hospital and transport available to and from the hotel.

To prevent yourself from being cheated on fares and such, plan on where you want to visit and what you want to do even before you get on the plane. Buying a map of the places you want to go will allow you to know travel distances between tourist attractions and how far it is from your hotel. Read reviews and tips in online forums to find out local travel fares, bargain shopping areas and travel advice. It is also beneficial to learn a few local phrases before you fly off so that you can haggle with the locals when shopping. You can learn through phrase books or travel websites.

Plan your tropical vacation well so that you and your family or friends can have a fun, trouble-free holiday. Don’t procrastinate on your planning, it may seem tedious to do but it is essential. The important thing about any holiday is that you are safe.

Vacation and Travel Preschool Lesson Plan: Teaching Ideas & Activities

This fun lesson plan is on vacations and traveling. Students will improve speech, comprehension and art skills while discussing travel experiences or plans.

Traveling can be a mind-broadening experience, especially for young children. In this travel lesson, we will take a look at things preschoolers may need to learn about travel, as well as let them imagine the possibilities!


Begin by talking about the different types of vacation travel.

Talk about the reasons for vacation travel. Reasons can vary from wanting a holiday from work and school, from wanting to visit friends and family, from wanting to visit places they have never been to, from wanting to visit famous museums, monuments and parks, etc.

Talk about different modes of travel. People travel by car, by bus, by truck, by tram, by train, by plane, by ship, by boat, by scooter, by bicycle, by bullock cart, etc. In olden times, people often needed to travel from place to place on foot. This is still necessary in some remote parts of the world.

Talk about the travel the preschoolers have done so far. Have they traveled out of their town or city, or within it? Where have they traveled to – visiting the grandparents, visiting other relations and friends, etc.? Have they traveled by car, by train, by plane and so on? What was the experience like?

Talk about how it is important to make a plan before setting out to travel. Making a plan helps you to know:

Talk about the things one might see on one’s travels – Castles, Palaces, Museums, Towers, Buildings, Statues, Bridges, Zoos, Parks, Lakes, Mountains, etc. Different people, different landscapes, different trees, different animals, different birds, etc. Talk about how different places may have different climates, different culture, different languages, etc.

Talk about the benefits of vacation travel:

Look at an illustrated map, showing national or international places.

Show the preschoolers picture postcards of well-known and not-so-well-known places around the world.

Show the preschoolers bus, train, plane tickets.

Use Google Earth to visit different places virtually.

What Else to Do

Read stories and poems on travel. R. L. Stevenson’s ‘From a Railway Carriage’ is a nice one.

Talk about animals, birds and insects that travel. See ‘Why Monarch Butterflies Migrate’ here on Bright Hub.

Hand out drawing sheets and colors, and ask the preschoolers to draw their travels. They can also, if they like, illustrate a pretend trip to a faraway land.

See ‘How to Use a Preschool Vacation Theme in the Classroom’ here on Bright Hub.

Vacation Plans :: Virginia Beach Spring Break Vacations: Things to Do For College Students

Spending spring break at the beach is a rite of passage for many college students. One popular destination is Virginia Beach, Virginia. There are many things for college students to do on Virginia Beach vacations over spring break. Those staying at Virginia Beach hotels will find many activities in walking distance or within a short drive.


There are few places in the United States that have lighthouses. Students with historical or marine interests will want to check out Cape Henry Light. There are two lighthouses at the North End of the resort city. One is retired and open for tours. The other is an active source of caution for ships and watercraft in the nearby Atlantic Ocean or Chesapeake Bay.

Greek Life

There are several colleges and universities in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area that have Greek organizations on campus. Members of national fraternities and sororities may wish to visit or meet with members of other chapters. Some may have met through conventions and the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Virginia Beach student travel is a good time for them to connect. Spring break is also a good time for making new Greek contacts and longtime friends.


Water sports abound in Virginia Beach. The many tributaries of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay offer prime kayaking and canoeing excursions throughout the Hampton Roads area. While ocean kayaking is often reserved for experienced individuals, the Lynnhaven River, Chesapeake Bay, Lake Wright and Rudee Inlet are all prime waters for energetic college students. For those without their own kayaks, there are several places where kayak and canoe rental are available.

Night Life

Most spring break vacations in this resort city involve fun activities after dark. Nightlife for the over-21 crowd involves countless restaurants and nightclubs throughout the resort city. Many establishments have outdoor seating on sidewalk cafes or overlooking the scenic Atlantic Ocean beachfront.

Fishing Pier

For those that yearn to smell the ocean air as much as possible before heading back to college, no Virginia Beach spring break is complete without a visit to one or more of the area fishing piers. One of the most popular is located at the North End. The Lynnhaven fishing pier offers visitors the chance to fish off the end or merely sit and enjoy the warm sun and pungent salt air.


The ultimate vacation almost requires some type of shopping. The Oceanfront, inland and Chick?s Beach areas are loaded with local shops for souvenirs, fashionable clothes and jewelry. The resort city has two indoor shopping malls and dozens of strips malls, as well. What makes these shops unique is that most of them are locally owned mom-and-pop operations. In many spring break vacation destinations, shopping is limited to national chain stores and regional department stores.