Travel & Leisure :: Tanzania Safari Holidays: Enjoy Your Adventure

Travelling may be an enriching as well as exciting experience. If travelling is what you like, make sure you visit places that offer a quality travelling experience. There are several tourist attractions around the world and Africa is one them. If you happen to be in Africa, you certainly cannot afford to miss the African … Continue reading “Travel & Leisure :: Tanzania Safari Holidays: Enjoy Your Adventure”

Travelling may be an enriching as well as exciting experience. If travelling is what you like, make sure you visit places that offer a quality travelling experience. There are several tourist attractions around the world and Africa is one them. If you happen to be in Africa, you certainly cannot afford to miss the African Safari. You must take some time off your busy office life and go on a vacation to Africa. The place has many beautiful things to offer including a rich heritage of flora and fauna. Since Africa is vast, it is important to have information about various tourist hot spots present in the continent. Tanzania is one such tourist destination offering a range of scenic beauties. Holidaying in Tanzania may be a good idea because it lets you enjoy the natural beauty. The place offers a great scope for sightseeing and tourist adventure. However, it’s one of the most enthralling tourist attractions is Safari. Tanzania safari holidays may enable you to explore an astonishingly diverse landscape.

A Tanzanian Trip

Your African safari holidays is not be complete if you do not pay a visit to Tanzania. Visiting Tanzania may be both exciting as well as intriguing. The place offers a captivating balance between the landscapes, people and the wildlife. While visiting Tanzania, you cannot miss on places such as Serengeti open plain, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro climb and so on. The place also hosts several national parks including Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Arusha National Park. If you extend your journey to the eastern Africa, there is a beautiful island called Zanzibar. Tanzania safari offers you an unmatchable wildlife adventuree. You can certainly make your Tanzania safari holidays memorable and enjoyable.

How To Plan Your Trip

You may visit as many tourist destinations as you want. However, without proper planning your trip may not be successful. You cannot just go on a trip without making necessary preparations. Proper information about the place you are travelling to is important. There are several tour operators offering a variety of travel packages including honeymoon travels. You may select one according to your finances and suitability. Always consult a specialist when it comes to international travel. Only a specialist tour operator can advice you clearly on planning your trip.

You should always seek up to date information about the best tourist attractions and accommodations. Compare the prices offered by different operators and weigh your alternatives. Never choose a cheap travel package just because you want to save money. Sometimes it may completely spoil your travel. Always choose an operator that has proven track record and experience in a particular region. For instance, while planning your Tanzania safari holidays, it is advisable to consult an operator that has dealt with Tanzanian tourist operations. Always choose a reputed tour operator for avoiding any misunderstanding. It is also very important to have complete information about the tour itinerary. The best way to do so is to visit the office of the tour operating company. It is obvious that you cannot obtain all information over a telephone call.

Tanzania safari holidays may be one of the most satisfying and memorable trips. A variety of adventure awaits you including an exclusive African Safari. So, be ready and enjoy your journey.

Toys for Bigger Boys – Marine Leisure Trends, Personal Leisure Hovercraft by Mike Glanville

Mention the word hovercraft, and most people think of lumbering passenger craft capable of taking 100 passengers or more, but personal leisure hovercraft (Hov Pods) make hovercraft ownership possible, typically these craft are 2-3 seaters, around 12 foot in length, and capable of speeds of up to 50 mph. Fun for all the family!

Hovercraft offer a unique and liberating feeling of freedom, as you fly from beach to sea, or scoot over rivers and lakes; hovercrafting can be a very addictive hobby. Radio control hovercraft are OK too, but why let your pet hamster have all the fun? Leisure hovercraft take three adults and can reach speeds of up to 50 mph.

Hovercraft handle a wide range of terrain; imagine a PWC, snowmobile, quad-bike, boat, 4×4 rolled into one. Start the engine and you?ll rise about 8 inches in the air, as if on some anti gravitational levitation sci-fi vehicle. Bemused onlookers peek under your skirt to see where the wheels are; there aren?t any. Increase the throttle, and move forward on the cushion of air. You have freedom to float off, over any flat surface.

Launch at anytime, regardless of tide conditions. No need to worry about submerged rocks, manatees or coral, you have no propeller in the water to damage the marine environment, you?re as free as a bird to fly here and there, sliding, gliding, performing 180 turns or 360/7200 spins. Strong currents may impede the progress of boats, but hovercraft are not in contact with the water, so rise above that sort of problem. No need to check your depth meter, you have no propeller to worry about, just levitate and drive.

It is difficult to describe the immense sense of freedom hover travel provides, people expect a bump when travelling out of the water and straight up the beach or slipway, but there is no discernable difference. Hovercraft are very comfortable, you don?t slap into water, and jar your back like PWC riders do, you glide and side on your soft cushion of air.

Some liken the drive sensation to a sort of ride-on skateboard, but forget the confines of the skate park, find some grassy hills, or beach or desert sand dunes to play on.

Leisure hovercraft such as the Hov Pod are very versatile, able to drive in many different locations, great for exploring, hunting and fishing.

From a practical standpoint, the first benefit of hovering is being able to launch practically anywhere. No need to launch from a trailer down the slipway, boat fashion, just unhitch on dry land, no need to get your feet wet, just drive down the slipway or over the mud and sands to the sea. Upon your return, just drive up the slipway or beach.

No need to position the trailer under the craft, or wade into the wet stuff, just drive up and step out onto dry land. Some folk use hovercraft to reach waterfront properties, tidal or weather conditions can make island based property impossible to reach, and in winter conditions, the risk of using the wrong vehicle (PWC or Snowmobile?) could have catastrophic repercussions.

Small leisure hovercraft (Hov Pods) also have plenty of commercial applications. Rental operators hire them out to event organisers, or civil engineers and environmental scientists for taking mud samples. Hov Pods are very useful for rescue work, particularly mud, quicksand and ice. According to Wikipedia, even David Blaine has trouble holding his breath under water for more than 7 minutes and 8 seconds, so there is no time to lose while reaching mud victims; rescue boats are not practical; rescurers have to wade through the same mud the victim fell into.

It takes just ten minutes to understand the basics; you just use a normal handlebar for steering with twist grip throttle. Steer to the left or right, and the rudders will direct the air accordingly.

Once you have mastered the basics, the real fun begins. You can do 180 turns up the beach, or perpetual 360s, 720 spins and so on. As you can drive on both sea and land, you?ll probably want to combine both in a little beach hugging exercise. You can turn in graceful loops, or slide and glide where the mood takes you. You can access areas that are simply out of bounds for any other craft. SuperYacht captains use them as tenders.

Manufactured in Southampton, England, the Hov Pod is enjoying tremendous success and is now being exported all over the world.

For further information, please visit

The Hov Pod is designed and manufactured by Reaction International Ltd PO Box 617, Southampton SO16 4XL. Contact 023 8023 1111. Hov Pod is copyright of Reaction International Ltd. Images and further information can be downloaded from Contact Sales and Marketing Manager – Mike Glanville for more information. Email [email protected]

Mike Glanville is based in Southampton UK, and writes about a number of marine leisure products.

Tricks To Make Vacation Journey Simpler

The vacations could be quite hectic however they are usually a time when people travel to see household and buddies or to take a nicely deserved vacation. Following some fundamental ideas will help ensure you’ve gotten the best time if you travel during this time of year. Being ready for things to go wrong is step one in minimizing the damages and getting on along with your holiday journey plans.

Ensure you have all of your tickets and affirmation numbers in a specific place. It is a good idea to make a replica of the data in addition to the contact number on your tickets and place it in another location. This way should you lose the originals you will have all the necessary data to maintain it. It’s best to name a couple of week earlier than your travel dates to ensure your reservation continues to be lively for all modes of transportation and your accommodations.

It is not uncommon for flights, trains, and buses to get delayed over the vacations attributable to security points, weather, and making an attempt to meet the wants of the volumes of people using such modes of transportation over the holidays. Be sure to have plenty of cash, meals, drinks, and necessities to get you thru these delays. They can range from a couple of hours to a few days. If you may be touring an extended distance you should take into account bringing alongside actions to pass the time, especially if you’re touring with children.

In the event you take prescription medications you’ll want to make sure you have them clearly labeled. It’s possible you’ll get questioned about them if they aren’t in the bottle you picked them up at from the pharmacy. It is a good suggestion to have a written notice from your physician regarding the remedy as well. Makes certain you may have enough of it for your complete journey including any delays that may occur.

Lost luggage is without doubt one of the greatest issues when people travel, and it compounds in the course of the holidays because of how busy everyone is. Whilst you actually can’t stop your luggage from getting misplaced, you can do your finest to be sure to have all you need in the imply time. Ensure every person traveling in your celebration has clothes in the entire suitcases as an alternative of creating one for each person. This fashion everyone will have an opportunity to have some items ought to a bag or two get lost in the shuffle.

Clearly determine your baggage in order that you will be certain to get yours upon reaching your destination. Too many luggage look the identical and many individuals are in a rush when they journey for the holidays. Place a colorful ribbon or coloured tape on your baggage in case you carry the types and colours which might be very popular. Should you journey usually you need to contemplate some distinctive wanting luggage that can stand out.

Touring through the holidays needs to be as clean as attainable to ensure you’ll take pleasure in your trip. By taking the time to follow the following pointers you’ll be able to help make that happen. There are many horror tales on the market about people not having the ability to get to their vacation spot for the vacations or they didn’t have the objects they needed upon arriving. Don’t open the door to your holiday trip to fit into this grim category.Article Source: Researching this article I found Villas In Menorca, to be a really useful site. I also refrerred to Villas In Menorca-Alcaufar as this site contained some very good information.

Travel & Leisure :: Resorts versus Hotels

Resorts over Hotels

Why should I invest in or stay at a resort over hotels is the big question families are asking me all the time. The most important difference that every family should take into consideration is security. If you stay at a resort you will find out that most people are just like you. They are there with their family members on vacation having a wonderful time and bonding.

Another benefit of resorts over hotels is that the resort has several rooms including a kitchen. According to triple AAA a family of four vacationing will spend approximately $150.00 a day eating every meal out which comes to a $1,050.00 a week. Using the kitchen you could possible save $ 525.00 which could pay for your getaway saving you money you would normally pay for your accommodations.

Guests staying at a resort over hotels have many things to do besides the pool area. Things like horseback riding, miniature golf, game rooms, movies, bingo and many other things too numerous to mention in this article.

One of the main things family?s are likely to find at a resort is the people they meet there are really friendly, especially the staff who love to help the guests when they arrive. They welcome you to the resort and quickly get you booked in. A concierge will escort you to your condo, make sure that your room is ready and they give you a welcome package with discounts. They will then tell you the best locations for attractions and restaurants in the area.

Another great thing about 5 star resorts is peace of mind on what the accommodations are going to look like and are they clean, your money is well spent for just that one thing. Vacations are meant for making lasting memories not nightmares.

I will stop here as there are too many benefits of staying at a resort over hotels to mention and do not want to take any more surprises away from your vacation.

In all fairness I must say there are a few nice hotels out there and if you are alone or with one family member they might do given the fact that there are not resorts in every state of the union.

At hotels there are also families on vacations trying to have a good time that are all crammed into one little room. If they get hungry in the middle of the night they can walk down a lonely hallway to the candy machine as most have no refrigerator or stove.

There are other guests there that are not vacationing, and you always need to keep a watchful eye on everyone going up and down those hallways.

Because you only have one room you mainly keep your curtains closed over the one window you have in your room because that is your bedroom, and no one likes strangers looking into that room. Out of 24 hours you only use the room for eight of them but have to pay for the entire twenty four.

I am not going to go into this anymore but hotels had their day, and just like technology is constantly changing so are the way people vacation.

Travel & Leisure :: Punta Cana Apartments for Rent

While heading on a dream vacation, most people often complain of being homesick after a while. Are you planning a holiday to the paradise land of Punta Cana? Are you contemplating where to stay? Though the Dominican Republic (DR) has numerous state-of-the-art contemporary hotels, they somehow fail to provide the warm, homely vibe, which vacation rentals in the form of condos and villas can give.

Punta Cana is one of the best and highly popular tourist destinations in recent times. It has the perfect weather, awesome southern hospitality, and a relaxed and laidback vibe for you to leave the city stresses behind. Renting an apartment in Punta Cana gives you the opportunity of extending your stay and feeling right at home.

You can opt for a fully equipped condo, which offers several amenities, such as a functional kitchen, swimming pool, wi-fi connection and most of all, proximity to the best beach in the area.

Rental properties in Punta Cana are definitely a smart choice because:

? It gives you the same facilities as a contemporary hotel, but at a much more affordable rate.

? It is ideal for a long stay.

? You can stay close to a sandy white beach with turquoise water for as long as you want.

While choosing a rental apartment in Punta Cana, keep the following things in mind:

? Location, location, location. Do you want to stay near the beach or the main road? Would you rather stay in a quiet locality or in a bustling neighborhood with restaurants, bars and tourists? Are you in DR on vacation or business? Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide assortment for rental accommodations.

? If you are planning to rent out a property in Punta Cana for a long duration, make sure you choose the one that offers competitive, discounted rates on long term rentals.

? If you are planning to invest in real estate in the Dominican Republic, it is probably advisable to test the waters before taking the plunge. Renting out a property initially, before taking a final call, will help you gauge the vibe of the place, people, lifestyle, etc.

? Most Punta Cana apartments for rent will offer you decent rates for minimum of one week?s stay. The rent will greatly depend upon the size of the place, the location and amenities on offer.

Baby boomers, retirees, investors or anyone who is sick and tired of the metropolitan burnout, should at least visit this land, which never fails to smitten, once.